Blg Service Pack

Blg Service Pack 3.7

The Blg Corporation suite welcomes you with 16 useful tools in 1 single software

The Blg Corporation suite welcomes you with 16 useful tools in a single software

It offers: calculator, screen capture service, converter, stopwatch, paint tool, pc speak tool, e-mail sender, maps, media player, web browser, audio recorder, files downloader, writer, weather tool, newspapers, webcam recorder and much more...

Here is the complete description of some of the main features of the software:

Calculator: it has all the traditional features of a normal calculator keyboard: +, -, /, x, >, <, Sqrt, Log, x^, +/-. Simple for a quick use.

Screen capture: it will help you in a simple and intuitive way to capture your screen and save it as a .bmp file into your computer.

Converter: it is divided in three sections. Here are the formats that it supports: Video: avi, mp4, wmv, flv...

Images: png, jpeg, gif... Music: mp4, mp3, m4a...

Stopwatch: it has got three buttons: Start, Reset, Stop and the useful 'Lap mode' that reminds the time everytime you press it without stopping it.

Send e-mails: it will help you to send email with any type of account by entering your email, password, and selecting the SMTP server, and finally, the subject and the message. Every e-mail account is supported.

News: access the list of the most famous online newspapers and choose which you would like to read with one click.

Downloader: it allows you to download any file from a url, you only need to know the file extension and then you must wait until service pack sales the downloaded file in your computer.

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Blg Service Pack


Blg Service Pack 3.7

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